Pluralism in Israel

Pluralism in Israel

Computer keyboard with blue enter key that says Vote; key to the left is Israeli flag

This Tuesday, January 21, when voting opens in the United States for the World Zionist Congress elections, we’re counting on you to step up and Vote Reform.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg
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With the 2019 URJ Biennial in our rear-view mirror, we’re now focused on how we can move this work forward and into our everyday lives. Ready to act? Here's how.

Mark J. Pelavin
Computer keyboard on which the Enter key says Vote

The WZC elections are coming, and participation is critical for a large Reform presence in Israel and at home. Learn how you can get out the vote in your congregation.

Alexandra Gilbert
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As we celebrate Israel’s independence this week, here are two things your congregation can do right now to help strengthen Israel as a pluralistic, democratic society.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Three Israeli wedding couples under the chuppahs at Washington Hebrew Congregation on March 26, 2019

This past week, I spent a significant amount of time thinking about love for Israel -- my own and that of our Reform Jewish community.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
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In North America, we take for granted freedom of choice in marriage. Not so in Israel, where it is wholly controlled by the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate.

URJ Staff
Rabbi Rick Jacobs at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Israel helps me retain my optimism. Whenever I land there, I never fail to feel a slight buckling in my knees, the joy of returning to that marvelous, confounding place.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Israeli flag blowing against the blue sky

The title of a recent article was “It’s time to show a little love,” but the truth is that there was no love or integrity in what the author wrote.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv
Press Release
Press Release

URJ today released preliminary findings from two important surveys concerning the effectiveness of its work in priority areas: Israel and Youth Engagement. On the eve of the largest URJ Biennial ever, Rabbi Rick Jacobs, URJ Presidents says, “Our work raising up the next generation of Jewish leaders in North America and advocating for religious pluralism in Israel are among our very highest priorities, and we are proud to see that these authoritative surveys provide data to support what we have long thought to be true: The URJ’s work in these areas is making a profound difference. Individually, and especially when viewed together, they make a strong, data-driven argument that the Reform Movement is making great progress on priority concerns.”

Press Release
Press Release

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, issued the following statement in response to denigrating comments about North American Jews by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister: The Deputy Foreign Minister has a right to her ill-informed and insulting views. But such views disqualify her holding such an important role in Israel’s diplomatic corps. Her comments serve to underscore how the Israeli government disdains the majority of North American Jews.