People holding hands and dancing in a circle with the URJ Biennial logo on screen in the background

May the One who blessed our mothers and our fathers, our parents and our ancestors, bless the organizers and participants in the URJ Biennial 2017.

Alden Solovy

After learning the results of yesterday’s U.S. presidential election, many within the Reform Jewish community have shared their thoughts and prayers about the future of the United States.

Marissa Solomon

Global Reform-affiliated organizations made statements in response to this week's terrorist attack in Nice, France.

Kate Bigam

Leading your own synagogue Shabbat hike is incredibly easy. In just 10 steps – simple but effective – you can embark on a moving spiritual experience. And, as we discovered on Congregation Or Ami’s own Shabbat hikes, the journey is inspiring and refreshing.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

As news reports with more details came in from Tel Aviv last night, we are shocked and horrified at the sight of two gunmen, dressed as ultra-Orthodox Jews, who ​opened fire at diners in the Sarona Market.


How can our congregations help support Women of the Wall?

Andrea Gingold

The compromise will bridge a festering schism between Israel and American Jewry, who have voiced concern about the government’s failure to recognize their authenticity and their needs. The hope is that the Western Wall will be an enduring symbol of Jewish unity, not fractious division.