Religious Pluralism

Religious Pluralism

Row of Israeli flags on flagpoles, blowing in the breeze

As we celebrate Israel’s independence this week, here are two things your congregation can do right now to help strengthen Israel as a pluralistic, democratic society.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Three Israeli wedding couples under the chuppahs at Washington Hebrew Congregation on March 26, 2019

This past week, I spent a significant amount of time thinking about love for Israel -- my own and that of our Reform Jewish community.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
White lace chuppah with Star of David below

In North America, we take for granted freedom of choice in marriage. Not so in Israel, where it is wholly controlled by the Orthodox Chief Rabbinate.

URJ Staff
Israeli flag blowing against the blue sky

The title of a recent article was “It’s time to show a little love,” but the truth is that there was no love or integrity in what the author wrote.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv
URJ board mission participants in front of Israeli flags on flag polls

North America’s Reform Jews have an opportunity to join with friends and colleagues in Israel who seek a Judaism that is inclusive, and reflects our shared values.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
North American board members in Israel

We are delighted to share with you a few observations about our recent URJ North American Board mission to Israel -- a non-stop week of listening and learning in a manner that, we think, only the URJ could organize.

Daryl Messinger and Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Reform activist Anat Hoffman being arrested at the Western Wall

One year ago, we thought we had made history.

Anat Hoffman

We need you to convey to the Israeli government the urgency and significance of equality for Reform and progressive Jews in Israel.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

On Selichot, the Reform Movement will join a broad-based  grass-roots email campaign directed at Prime Minister Netanyahu, President Rivlin, Speaker of the Knesset Edelstein, and Diaspora Affairs Minister Bennett to let them know that because Israel matters so deeply to us, we demand an end to the ultra-Orthodox monopoly that not only dictates under what conditions progressive Jews may pray at the Kotel (Western Wall), but also how Israel rejects the diversity of our people by representing only one living Judaism through its courts, its governmental policies, and its public spaces.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

During a crisis, we collaborated with Reform leadership on aspects of our response from diplomacy and communications to social media and public relations. Every one of the 900 North American Reform congregations should recognize and value the range of expertise and resources available within the URJ’s congregational network.

Rabbi Mona Alfi