Scholar Series on Leadership

Scholar Series on Leadership

Say yes to too many people or responsibilities and you’ll find that what you really care about is not getting enough time and space to live and grow.

Dr. Erica Brown

Becoming a values-based leader isn't about emulating a role model or a historic figure. Rather, your leadership must be rooted in who you are and what matters most to you. There are four guiding principles that can help you in the lifelong journey of values-based leadership.

Harry Kraemer

Here are four key concepts that all leaders – lay or professional, emerging or experienced – need to embrace.

Lisa Lieberman Barzilai, RJE

Why don’t congregations usually collaborate? And how can leaders of congregations learn to collaborate well? Here are some ideas and guiding priniciples toward working together.

Rabbi Jay Henry Moses
Two individuals sitting on a couch

The Reform Movement faces issues that are all too familiar: the high rate of intermarriage, the pull of other Movements, including Orthodoxy and Chabad; and the disinclination of Jewish millennials, like their non-Jewish peers, to identify with institutions of any kind.

Marty Linsky

This fall, the URJ’s Leadership Institute is offering a series of three sessions about key concepts that we hope will inspire sacred action within congregations. Both virtually and in person at the URJ Biennial 2015, congregational lay and professional leaders have opportunities to study, engage, and converse with each other and with scholars who are well-versed in three topics

Lisa Lieberman Barzilai

Here are a few steps congregations can take to increase matterness and begin to close the gap between the values synagogues espouse and the experience of potential and existing members:

Allison Fine