Tot Shabbat attendee with his father's hand on his head for a blessing

Tot Shabbat was always part of our synagogue programming, but often ended with kids running laps in the sanctuary. Our clergy team strived for something better.

Rabbi Daniel Mikelberg and Cantor Katie Oringel
Rabbi Rick Jacobs on stage with the Torah during Shabbat morning services at the URJ Biennial

This d'var Torah for Parashah Vayeishev was presented before the 74th Union for Reform Judaism Biennial convention on Saturday, December 9. 

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
April Baskin smiles while standing at a podium

As the Vice President of Audacious Hospitality, I deeply believe that every person should have a community where they feel fully supported and unconditionally accepted. One they can count on to be there for them over the course of their lives. 

April Baskin
Purim Together participants -- a student and a senior -- together

In an increasingly mobile society, families often are separated by many miles. Far from family support, we seek community elsewhere, including in our Jewish institutions.

Toby Singer
Group of people lighting Shabbat candles at a congregational Shabbat dinner

Shabbat holds an esteemed place in our synagogues as a testing ground for experimentation. Centering new programs around Shabbat, therefore, offers distinct advantages.

Toby Singer
Shabbat worshippers

Without fail, people responsible for scheduling and planning Jewish conferences repeatedly grapple with the same old question: what do we do about Shabbat?

Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander
Stone MLK statue in Washington DC

Shabbat Tzedek, observed annually the weekend before Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, is an opportunity for congregations and members to celebrate the achievements of movements for racial justice, and to look toward the challenges ahead.

Marissa Solomon
Tealights in the shape of a heart in a dark room

How do we work to prevent what has become an epidemic of gun violence? How do we honor those who have become the victims of this deadly trend? And how do we engage in this issue, specifically as Jews?

Maya Weinstein

Leading your own synagogue Shabbat hike is incredibly easy. In just 10 steps – simple but effective – you can embark on a moving spiritual experience. And, as we discovered on Congregation Or Ami’s own Shabbat hikes, the journey is inspiring and refreshing.

Rabbi Paul Kipnes

On the weekend of January 15-18, the Reform Jewish Movement will commemorate the legacy of the civil rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., with its annual observance of Shabbat Tzedek.

Adam Waters