strengthening congregations

strengthening congregations

Map of Canada and US; flag of each country is superimposed over the land mass

A longtime Canadian Reform leader asks: Can Canadians and Americans feel connected to one Jewish movement? Can they feel equally represented by a single organization?

Paul Leszner
Alarm clock on dresser; woman awake in bed in the middle of the night

As a leader – volunteer or professional – in a synagogue, what keeps you up at night? What do these concerns tell us about the contemporary Jewish landscape?

Michael H. Goldberg
Man and woman playing guitars and singing while leading worship services

Once the High Holidays are over, I’m often left wondering what we can we do to get people back into the sanctuary before the next Rosh HaShanah rolls around.

Cantor Lizzie Weiss
Block letters -- A-B-C -- in an outstretched palm

The ABCs I use as a career coach to help clients self-reflect are the same ones I’m using to evaluate my first year as my synagogue’s president.

Barri Waltcher
paper cutout of people held by two hands in front of bright sunlight

I didn’t have any formal connection to the Jewish community for many years and only when my husband and I were looking for a rabbi to marry us did I try to connect Jewishly.

Jill Goodman
Statue of Justice -- blindfolded with a sword in one hand and a scale in the other

Thanks to the Brickner Fellowship, I’ve become a social justice advocate, working with diverse organizations to address societal problems from multiple angles.

Rabbi Joseph B. Meszler
Mental health spelled out in Scrabble tiles

As a rabbi, I’ve seen many lives effected by mental illness. I’ve also seen its stigma keep many from getting needed support. In my congregation, we sought to change that.

Rabbi Stacy Friedman
Pope Francis and Rabbi Rick Jacobs

In these uncertain times, synagogue leaders must work together to ensure our sanctuaries are sanctuaries of inclusion and holiness for all who enter their doors.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Closeup of a female rabbi with curly blond hair leading a congregation from the bimah with her arms open wide while wearing a prayer shawl

Here are four challenges that leaders from small congregations face – and how you can deal with these issues to increase engagement.

Merry Lugasy
Closeup of a handshake between two men

Leaders at almost every synagogue would say their congregation strives to be a welcoming community. The challenge, of course, is how to put that into practice.

April Baskin and Carly Goldberg