strengthening congregations

strengthening congregations

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As tzitzit remind us to fulfill God’s commandments, they also must prompt us to display signs of welcome and love, demonstrating people can be themselves in our space.

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As we watch the predictions and follow preparations for Tropical Storm Barry, the URJ stands ready to assist congregations before, during, and after this expected storm.

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As Jewish leaders, we are tasked with improving our congregations and communities for everyone within them; listening to our members’ feedback, requests, and concerns, with the intent of understanding them, is the first step in the process of making improvements. 

Chris Harrison and Deborah Niederman, RJE
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The URJ offers valuable resources and opportunities to get new congregational presidents off on the right foot. Here are six key areas in which we can help.

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Parents blessing their children at a Shabbat dinner program knows as Challah in the ‘Chood,

Learn how one congregation with geographically dispersed members maximized its reach in a world with increasing competition for people’s time and energy.

Rabbi Joel Simon
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If we want to renew and reform Judaism now and into the future, we must create congregational cultures in which failing is accepted.

Rabbi David Fine and Rabbi Esther Lederman
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After several synagogue shootings, American Jews are grappling with the need to keep our communities safe and to remain open and welcoming to seekers of all backgrounds.

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A culture of philanthropy focuses on our sacred responsibility to provide Jewishly meaningful experiences that place the donor – not the congregation – at the center.

Rabbi Louis Feldstein, Michael H. Goldberg, and Robin Riegelhaupt
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As you plan your communications for the coming year, make sure you take advantage of these resources that are available to your URJ member congregation

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Check out these five important things your congregation should know about Jewish music and copyright laws.

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