Summer Youth Experience

Summer Youth Experience

A few months ago, writer David Brooks penned an op-ed in The New York Times entitled

Alexa Broida

There’s a controversy surrounding ga-ga: Where, exactly, did this game originate?

Stephen Silver (Tablet)

They left Africa for the first time, to connect with other Jews in Wisconsin, and the experience has been warm and affirming.

Rob Golub (Jewish Chronicle)

You can have your summer destinations of Nantucket, the Hamptons, or Lake Michigan.  I’ll take Kunkletown, Zionsville, and Oconomowoc!  Some head to the beaches or the mountains; I head to camp.

More than 14,000 young people are leaving home this summer, immersing themselves in new environments and connecting to Jewish community in a URJ summer program. The midrash tells us that if we can open ourselves up to new experiences, we can discover inner clarity. These young people are discovering themselves – what motivates them, what matters to them, what challenges them. They return home – and to our congregations – with a new sense of identity and purpose.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Arie Gluck , the longtime director of URJ Camp Harlam in Kunkletown, PA, died this past week at the age 86.

Miriam Chilton

Our URJ Youth programs are cornerstones of the Reform Movement's youth engagement efforts.

URJ Youth

Alone, the numbers are just numbers. When taken in light of these new findings, though, they tell a compelling story of success.

Miriam Chilton

May is a busy month as we wind down the school year and gear up for summer. Build on the energy and relationships you created this year using these 10 suggestions for staying connected to your youth while they’re away.

Miriam Chilton

Playing a supporting role in a major human rights advocacy campaign is both gratifying and humbling.

Louis Bordman

“Is it still relevant?” It’s a question that we in liberal Jewish communities ask ourselves quite often.

Rabbi Eric Gurvis