Teen Engagement

Teen Engagement

Group of teens lighting Shabbat candles

Indeed, the war between the boomers and the millennials has become popular fodder. But, I don’t see it as a war at all.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Teen leaders at a Reform Jewish teen gathering

Check out these six ongoing practices of Reform Jewish teen leaders – and how you can use them to support teens in your own community.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham, MAJE, RJE
Large group of smiling teens

I wanted to innovate and co-create a way to reimagine teen engagement and programs with my temple teens. To do so, I needed to best understand what they wanted and needed from their synagogue and Jewish community.

Jamie Collins
Three young people playing guitars at a summer camp worship service

This fall, the URJ will launch a Teen Songleading Fellowship that will road-test the best ways to identify and support more songleaders than ever across North America.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham, RJE
A group of teens making hamantaschen in a synagogue kitchen

Learn how congregations are reimagining post b’nei mitzvah engagement to create successful models that are reinvigorating this critical space and time in teens’ lives.

Lisa Langer, RJE, Rachel Margolis, RJE, and Michelle Shapiro Abraham, RJE
Group of songleaders sitting outdoors at a summer camp holding guitars and wearing all white as if on Shabbat

With this in mind, here are the voices of two of our campers – both going on the Harlam in Israel trip this summer – on what the culture of camp has done for them. They are our songleaders and our youth group and confirmation class leaders, and they inspire our kids in so many ways.

Rabbi Yair Robinson
Two teens writing on a chalkboard about what NFTY means to them

Teens are taking initiative to make sure policies – in NFTY and in our governments – reflect their values. Here are just a few examples of how they've been leading the way this year.

Jenny Travis
Large group of smiling teens wearing matching blue shirts that say OMGJK

When I arrived at Temple Kol Ami Emanu-El in Plantation, FL, six years ago, the congregation’s junior high and high school programs were dealing with a problem that m

Josh Simon
Two teen boys in suits reading from a document in front of a crowd of other teens

The Resolution to Increase Accessibility for Participants highlights the small yet important ways NFTY can improve its accessibility for three different groups of people.

Fletcher Block