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The Tent is your framework; it is your keva. Use the technology and its best practices as your guide. You will receive the greatest benefit from The Tent, however when you bring real and meaningful kavanah – your curiosity, your creativity and your passion.

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The URJ Youth Summit is underway in Chicago, IL, where it’s running parallel to NFTY Convention, brin

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The URJ is excited to announce that we will begin hosting “Tent Office Hours” webinars twice a month to answer your questions about how to best use The Tent. These virtual office hours will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays. as indicated.

Larry Glickman, FTA

In The Tent, hashtags are called “topics,” and one or several topics are commonly attached to posts or resources shared in The Tent. As on Twitter, these topics are clickable, but in The Tent (built in the Yammer platform), clicking through will show you every comment, resource, poll, image, or user to which that topic is attached.

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Let the Union for Reform Judaism help you maximize the full potential of your entire board by getting them in The Tent, the communication and collaboration platform for Reform Movement leaders.

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We’re thrilled to announce that we have welcomed our 5,000th Reform Jewish leader to The Tent, our online communication and collaboration platform for Reform Jewish leaders.

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As 5776 gets into gear, congregational leaders are asking lots of terrific questions in The Tent, the URJ’s online communication and collaboration forum. In response, those leaders with relevant experiences, practical information, and useful suggestions are sharing their expertise.

As congregations gear up for the start of 5776 and a new year of activities, programming, and policies and procedures, these conversations in The Tent, the URJ’s online communication and collaboration forum, may prove particularly helpful in planning for the High Holiday season and beyond.

by fredi Bleeker Franks Mazel tov! You’re in charge of the next meeting of your congregation or sisterhood. Before panic sets in, take a deep breath and read on for some great suggestions and things to consider to help you win friends, influence people, and run a great meeting.

  • Consider your physical setting: Think about the work your group will be doing and consider not only the space you will be using, but also the setup of the room. Depending on what you're doing, the space should be structured enough to conduct the business you need to, but informal enough to be welcoming and inclusive.
  • Appoint a parliamentarian: Having someone else be mindful of the rules relieves you of that role. Just make sure he or she is familiar with Roberts Rules of Order!

The High Holidays are on their way, so before you head out for summer break, visit The Tent, the URJ’s online communication and collaboration forum, for a full list of tried-and-true High Holiday preparation suggestions, including these and other tips.

  • Tickets: Provide all relevant information, including (as applicable) pricing policies for members and guests, distribution methods, availability, and special offers for students and military personnel.
  • Seating: Describe policies concerning saving seats, as well as accommodations for those with special seating needs.
  • Parking: Describe availability, use of shuttle buses, special arrangements that have been made with local law enforcement officers or neighbors, and considerations for people with wheelchairs and strollers.
  • Security: Explain the security procedures, including what type of identification, if any, will be required to enter the building, and what parking decal must be displayed in vehicles.
  • Special Situations: Describe how to obtain hearing devices, large-print or Braille prayer books, and where to stow strollers.
  • Children: Delineate between worship service attendance and childcare/babysitting policies.

The Tent also has High Holiday resources to help ensure that everything runs smoothly at your congregation throughout this busy season: