URJ Biennial

URJ Biennial

Past Fain Award winners posing in front of a Religious Action Center banner with their award

We invite you to submit a project for the 2019 Fain Awards. Learn more and apply now.

    the Religious Action Center
    Large group of smiling people under a synagogue banner reading WE ARE A SANCTUARY FOR ALL

    Ready, set, snap! Want to see yourself on the big screen during URJ Biennial 2019? Here’s your chance to share your congregation’s best moments with 5,000 Reform Movement friends.

    Women laughing as they hold hands and dance around the plenary room during a URJ Biennial song session

    When I was a Hillel Rabbi, one of my students referred to the core of my work as “SABSy,” a millennial term built out of the acronym for “See And Be Seen.” 

    Rabbi Ilana Schachter
    Overhead shot of full plenary hall at URJ Biennial 2017

    Learn about the creative ways one congregational leader is bringing the energy and lessons from the Biennial home to her own synagogue community.

    Bayla Lovens
    Jewish musician Dan Nichols plays guitar on stage with a line of teens behind him linking arms and a screen depicting the world above them

    If you missed it or simply want to relive the experience, here's a roundup of some of the speeches, videos, and other content from the URJ Biennial 2017.

    Kate Bigam Kaput
    Rabbi Rick Jacobs on stage with the Torah during Shabbat morning services at the URJ Biennial

    This d'var Torah for Parashah Vayeishev was presented before the 74th Union for Reform Judaism Biennial convention on Saturday, December 9. 

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs
    Senator Elizabeth Warren wearing a red blazer against a blue background with the Union for Reform Judaism name and logo

    It is an honor to fight alongside you, today, tomorrow and every day as we battle to make our government work for all of us. 

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren
    Rabbi Rick Jacobs speaking in front of a blue and white Union for Reform Judaism banner

    This movement’s task, in this moment, is to nurture the natural waterways that connect us. To keep our congregations the strong sources of life they have always been and will always be.

    Rabbi Rick Jacobs
    Hand that appears to be holding up symbols of mens and womens faces

    The URJ has announced a series of proactive steps to ensure that sexual harassment and assault do not occur in its workplace or in its congregations and that its leadersare trained and committed to making sure everyone is safe. 

    Stefani Jarrett
    URJ VP of Youth Miriam Chilton in a red blazer in front of the URJ Biennial logo

    Yes, we are doing holy work. We are imparting Jewish wisdom and knowledge. We are fostering a generation that is resilient, responsible, compassionate, joyful, and Jewish.

    Miriam Chilton