URJ Communities

URJ Communities

Paper chain of cutouts of tiny people holding hands

To attend the URJ Day of Leadership Learning: Finding the Joy in Board Service at any of the locations below, register through October 25th

Daphne Macy & Alex Gilbert
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Whether you’re a seasoned congregational leader or an emerging one, we encourage you to attend this day of learning with your congregational leadership team.

Daphne Macy & Alexandra Gilbert
Map of Canada and US; flag of each country is superimposed over the land mass

A longtime Canadian Reform leader asks: Can Canadians and Americans feel connected to one Jewish movement? Can they feel equally represented by a single organization?

Paul Leszner
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I didn’t have any formal connection to the Jewish community for many years and only when my husband and I were looking for a rabbi to marry us did I try to connect Jewishly.

Jill Goodman
Large group of smiling URJ staffers and lay leaders in matching URJ tee shirts posing together at URJ spring training

Being a 21st-century Jewish leader certainly comes with its challenges - but it's worth it.

Bruce Josephy
Sign-post with these signs: help, support, advice, guidance

There was a time when congregational leadership roles were clearly defined. Staff members served one role and volunteers served another. When an “expert” was needed, congregations either turned to outside consultants, or, if they were part of a denominational movement, they called the movement office to ask, “Who on your staff can work with our synagogue?”

Times have changed.

Gila Hadani Ward