From the URJ's Senior Leadership

From the URJ's Senior Leadership

Rabbi Jonah Pesner at the 2019 Consultation on Conscience

Our Brit Olam helps us protect the vulnerable, ally across differences, be close to people shaped by systemic oppression, and dialogue respectfully among divergent views.

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner
Row of Israeli flags on flagpoles, blowing in the breeze

As we celebrate Israel’s independence this week, here are two things your congregation can do right now to help strengthen Israel as a pluralistic, democratic society.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Three Israeli wedding couples under the chuppahs at Washington Hebrew Congregation on March 26, 2019

This past week, I spent a significant amount of time thinking about love for Israel -- my own and that of our Reform Jewish community.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Rabbi Rick Jacobs visits with Heller High students in Israel

On a brief trip to Israel last week, I met with leaders, students, and colleagues -- all to build ties between North American Jews and the land and people of Israel.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Compass with the arrow pointing at the word "Leadership"

February is a time we especially foster leadership at the Union for Reform Judaism, shining a light on the role individuals play to strengthen our sacred community.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
Puzzle pieces leading to a pinnacle (of leadership)

These five principles can help you invest in constant, deliberate, and forward-thinking leadership development to support new and long-term leaders. 

Amy Asin and Lisa Lieberman Barzilai, RJE
Three teen leaders, two young women and a young man

Tomorrow’s leaders are in our congregations (and ready to lead) today.

Amy Asin and Miriam T. Chilton
Close-up of tape measure partially extended from its case

We recently completed a baseline survey to determine the extent to which the Union for Reform Judaism has had an impact on activities required for a strong congregation.

Amy Asin
Four smiling, laughing teens passing a Torah scroll from one to the next

Results of our latest impact study indicate that Reform Movement youth experiences translate into greater Jewish engagement in college and throughout life.

Miriam T. Chilton
Man in dark business suit holding small cardboard silhouettes of people in his outstretched hands

Executive committees can play a crucial role in the strategic leadership of congregations. Here’s a guide to what this committee should do – always, never, and sometimes.

By Amy Asin