Finger holding a red and white sticker that reads I VOTED

Here are just a few of the ways you can get involved with the RAC this month – plus a few other updates of social justice work from around the Movement:

Liz Mitlak
A pile of voter signs in red white and blue with small American flags sprinkled atop them

Reform Jewish women have the power to shape their Jewish community and beyond. This Movement empowers those who claim it as their own to take part in appraising its past and building its future. 

Elizabeth Leff
Womans hands with red painted fingernails holding a small globe replica

Here are three ways that your congregation can take action through Reform Movement-wide social justice efforts that are grounded in our sacred and enduring Jewish values:

    Elizabeth Leff
    Sign outside polling place that says: Vote Here

    Defending the right to vote is part of our Movement’s legacy and as the 2018 election season begins, we are launching a powerful, nonpartisan civic engagement campaign.

    Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner