World Zionist Congress

World Zionist Congress

Large congregational group holding the Israeli flag and WE LOVE ISRAEL signs while standing on a synagogue bimah

If we want to strengthen progressive Judaism worldwide, we must swim upstream. There is no single better way to support Progressive, Liberal, and Reform Judaism in every corner of the globe than casting a ballot for “Vote Reform” in the American election to the World Zionist Congress. 

Andrew Keene
Silhouette of a hand dropping a ballot into a ballot box in front of an Israeli flag

You can make aliyah and vote in the Knesset. Or you can help us have a say in where the public money of the Jewish people goes. Here’s how you can: Vote in the World Zionist Congress Elections.

Rabbi Joshua Weinberg
Computer keyboard on which the Enter key says Vote

The WZC elections are coming, and participation is critical for a large Reform presence in Israel and at home. Learn how you can get out the vote in your congregation.

Alexandra Gilbert
Hand dropping a ballot into a ballot box in front of the Israel flag

The World Zionist Congress elections are coming soon, and your congregation’s participation is critical to maintaining a large Reform presence in Israel and here at home.

Alexandra Gilbert

The Reform Jewish Movement was the clear winner in the critical World Zionist Congress election, according to results released today.

The ARZA slate, representing the Reform Movement, secured 56 seats out of a possible 145, winning nearly 40 percent of the votes cast in the United States – more than the amount of the next two slates combined.

The World Zionist Congress, the democratic body of the Jewish people worldwide, will meet this fall for the first time since 2010. It determines how agencies within Israel allocate hundreds of millions of dollars in funding for religious services and civil society projects.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs, president of Union for Reform Judaism, said of the election results,

“This overwhelming victory testifies to the power of the Reform Movement to mobilize as active partners in Israel’s present and future. As the largest and fastest-growing constituency of Jews in North America, Reform Jews recognize and value the importance of our voice in world Jewish affairs. We are mindful that our success in these elections comes at a critical moment for Israel, and we will use our influence to affect change through the vital work of the World Zionist Congress.”