A pile of voter signs in red white and blue with small American flags sprinkled atop them

Reform Jewish women have the power to shape their Jewish community and beyond. This Movement empowers those who claim it as their own to take part in appraising its past and building its future. 

Elizabeth Leff
A mans arm reaches out through a computer screen to shake the hand of the man using the computer

The connection that began from one small meeting has now grown to involve our entire congregation and one across the ocean.

Jill Kamin & Corinne Black
Rabbi Jonah Pesner speaking at a dais at the Consultation of Conscience

I'm excited to build on the connections I made with other CSA members and share what I've learned with other WRJ members and members of my own congregation.

Karen Goldberg
Pile of sharpened colored pencils against a white background

Kits for Kids provides local children with a little something they can call their own and a starter kit to help them through a difficult period of transition.

Eve Silverman
Two smiling middleaged women wearing kippot

Here are some things for sisterhood and women’s group leaders to keep in mind as we build our successful partnerships.

Rozan Anderson
Desk with pink flowers and an open planner set on top of it

Women of Reform Judaism is partnering with Jewish Women International (JWI) for the annual Flower Project, and we need your help to make as big an impact as possible.

Maya Weinstein
Mah Jongg tiles

Many Baby Boomers remember listening to the sounds of tiles clicking on their mother’s game tables and smelling the smoke wafting from their cigarettes.

Sandy Anderson
Tealights in the shape of a heart in a dark room

How do we work to prevent what has become an epidemic of gun violence? How do we honor those who have become the victims of this deadly trend? And how do we engage in this issue, specifically as Jews?

Maya Weinstein

This morning, the Supreme Court released its decision in Whole Woman's Health v Hellerstedt, ruling 5-3 to overturn the medically unnecessary provisions found in Texas House Bill 2, which would have created an undue burden on women's health clinics across the state.

Kate Bigam

While the Purim celebrations and unpacking of lessons continue, we continue to explore other ways to celebrate - including partnering with our "twin" sisterhood in Israel.

Marla Goldberg