Youth Professional

Youth Professional

Young female CLASP fellow working in a classroom with young children

Interested in creating a full-time youth engagement position? Here are four reasons why your congregation should consider applying for a CLASP Fellowship.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
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Engaging Jewish teens in the 21st century offers a unique set of opportunities and struggles.

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Today, too many millennials associate being religious with values they don’t espouse. Should we therefore give up on millennials and Jewish life?

Rabbi Rick Jacobs
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Keep up with changing trends, hone your skills, and add to your toolkit with the Union for Reform Judaism’s free Youth Professional Development series.

Elena Paull

When I applied to be a part of the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship (YP101), I expected opportunities to strengthen congregational youth programming and gain valuable tools for engagement. I anticipated learning from mentors who have been working in the field for years and building a cohort of fellows that I could utilize as resources. I did not foresee however, that I would find a connection to God.

Rachel Opatowsky
Young teens gathered around the bimah as they look at an open Torah scroll

Social scientists and business leaders alike encourage us to fight the focus on scarcity and instead begin with an “abundance mindset.” Here are three areas where abundance hides in Jewish engagement and education work

By Miriam Chilton and Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Youth professionals gathered around a table working together with notebooks and pens scattered across the surface of the table

The URJ is excited to announce the launch of the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship, a fellowship program for youth professionals in the first two years of their careers.

Concerned mom look over her teen daughters shoulder as the teen looks at the screen of her laptop

Dear Evan Hansen13 Reasons Why. Both of these shows have captured the attention and imagination of those of us who work with and treasure teens.

Dr. Betsy Stone
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We have been talking a lot about “happiness” in Jewish education lately. Let’s begin by owning that the term “happiness” is challenging. In our vernacular it has a shallow and trivial connotation.

Michelle Shapiro Abraham
Press Release

Continuing the success of the Union for Reform Judaism’s (URJ) Campaign for Youth Engagement, the URJ announces the Youth Professional Training Fellowship for early career youth professionals in congregations. This new fellowship, funded by a $141,000 three-year Signature grant from the Covenant Foundation, builds on existing URJ professional development programming for adults who work with youth.  Covenant Foundation grantees are Jewish organizations and initiatives with novel and imaginative approaches to Jewish learning and wide geographic reach.