Introducing the URJ's 2020 Vision: A Clear View of Our Future

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Introducing the URJ's 2020 Vision: A Clear View of Our Future

When Rabbi Rick Jacobs assumed the presidency of the Union for Reform Judaism two years ago, the URJ committed to develop more coherent and aligned services that not only would significantly strengthen Reform congregations and the pressing issues they face, but also would advance the mission and ideals of Reform Judaism.

To understand the needs of congregations of all sizes and from all over the continent, Rabbi Jacobs and I, as well as other members of the URJ's senior lay and professional leadership visited with congregations, communities, and key leaders throughout North America, engaging in a comprehensive listening tour. Nearly 80% of the Movement's congregations weighed in — telling the team about life in your communities, about your creative approaches to challenges, and about your concerns for Jewish life in the future. Using all your input as data, we have formulated the URJ's 2020 Vision: A Clear View of Our Future, a framework that we believe will help us share your successes, learn from one another, and provide new ideas to solve congregational and Movement-wide challenges.

I am pleased to share with you now an interactive presentation about the 2020 Vision at I hope you will take 15 or 20 minutes to explore the presentation, which delves more deeply into the URJ's bold and ambitious vision for the future of Reform Judaism and the opportunities for your congregation.

The presentation explains the vision in a linear narrative, and will guide you from page to page. If you are pressed for time, or just want an initial overview, you may want to use the navigation buttons at the bottom to go from section to section instead. And, please note that each page has a "contact us" button in the upper right hand corner. We really do want to hear from you, so when you've finished, we hope you will take a moment to share your reactions. Finally, if you would like a member of the URJ's senior leadership team to join your temple board by video to discuss the vision, please contact Shelley Schweitzer.

I am confident that the 2020 Vision puts the URJ on the path to building a vibrant Reform Movement and bright Jewish future. I hope you agree - and I look forward to hearing from you.

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