This Month in The Tent: Brochures for Your Congregations at the Holidays

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This Month in The Tent: Brochures for Your Congregations at the Holidays

Hanukkah and the secular new year are a special time in the calendar year; many congregations begin a new fiscal cycle, and many individuals face the so-called “December Dilemma.” Here, we highlight a few resources that may be of use to your congregation at this time. They can all be found in The Tent, the Reform Movement’s new communication and collaboration platform website:

  • Download customizable brochures to share with prospective members and at congregational events. This free gift from the URJ is available year-round, not just at Hanukkah! Our What’s Missing from Our Congregation?… You! brochures include general information about Reform Judaism, but also allow you to incorporate personal quotes about what makes your congregation special. We’ll design the camera-ready brochures with your congregational information – all you need to do is provide us with it!
  • Help interfaith families tackle tough topics. Around the December holidays, parents may find need to speak with their children about making Jewish choices at home. Talking to Children about Jewish Identity in an Interfaith Family helps parents, especially those in interfaith relationships, approach these important family conversations. Access the print-ready version of this brochure in The Tent, then print copies to distribute to congregants.
  • Remind interfaith families that they have a home with your congregation. December is also be a key time for intermarried couples to contemplate congregational affiliation. Intermarried? Reform Judaism Welcomes You is a quick reference guide responding to frequently asked questions about how Reform Judaism welcomes interfaith members and explaining the role of non-Jewish partners in congregational life. Make this brochure available at your synagogue to show prospective members that your congregation embraces them.
  • Welcome those seeking to learn more about Judaism. For seekers in the early stages of their Jewish journey, Becoming a Jew answers some basic questions about the conversion process and suggests additional resources. Because individuals at various stages of the conversion process might join your congregation for Hanukkah events, you may want to print copies and keep them on hand for holiday guests.

Access all of these great resources, and many more, in The Tent.

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