This Month in The Tent: Planting Seeds for the Future

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This Month in The Tent: Planting Seeds for the Future

As Tu BiSh’vat approaches, The Tent, the Reform Movement’s communication and collaboration platform, offers resources to help you plant seeds that will bear fruit long into the future, enriching your congregation and the Jewish world.

  1. Engage young adults. Although young adults are the future of Jewish life, engaging them in congregational life can be a challenge. Our interactive, comprehensive resource guide, Strengthening Congregations: Paving the Road to Meaningful Young Adult Engagement, includes best principles of young adult engagement and a workbook with links to webinars and additional resources. With these tools, you can begin to engage young adults in your congregation!
  2. Program for young families. Engaging young families will strengthen your congregation today and for years to come, and Tu BiSh’vat provides opportunities to offer family-friendly activities to attract those seeking a sacred community. This review and discussion guide for The Apple Tree’s Discovery offers creative ways to engage kids and their parents in learning about Tu BiSh’vat.
  3. Learn fundraising essentials from the experts. Financial stability helps ensure strong congregations – now and for future generations. Tune into this webinar, The Best Principles of Development, to hear from Naomi Levine, Executive Director, and Richard Brown, Visiting Clinical Professor, at New York University’s George H. Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, about ways to create a culture of philanthropy and execute a successful development strategy in your congregation.
  4. Make the most of The Tent. Register for an upcoming 30-minute TentTalk webinar – offered on Tuesday, February 17th or Thursday, February 19th – to learn the basics, as well as tips and tricks for using this powerful, collaborative tool. With access to information, resources, and experts on a wide array of topics and issues focused on synagogue life, you and your congregation will benefit today and for years to come. Don’t worry if you can’t make either session; all webinars will be recorded and archived online.

Published: 1/22/2015

Categories: Membership & Outreach

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