Leadership Development: Experience the Continuum and Commitment at Biennial 2015

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Leadership Development: Experience the Continuum and Commitment at Biennial 2015

In my experience, synagogue leaders are among the most committed and devoted lifelong learners. With that in mind, I’m especially pleased that a large segment of the Biennial 2015 programming will offer congregational leaders the real-world skills and cutting-edge tools necessary to effect tangible and lasting change in their communities. In fact, the first two-and-a-half days of the event will focus specifically on providing how-tos and hands-on learning for leaders and up-and-coming leaders. One such initiative is our Communities of Practice (CoPs), which comprise members of various congregations brought together for 18-24 months in cohorts for guided learning around congregational change and a particular shared topic of interest (finance, early engagement, etc.). Supported by URJ staff, field experts, and other members in the cohort, participating congregations will launch their own pilots, advancing their endeavors around the group’s topic of interest, and broadening the knowledge base of the Reform Movement. New CoPs addressing an array of topics will form over the summer. Applications will be accepted through June 15, and these CoP cohorts will come together for the first time in Orlando:

  • Building a Brand: Excellence in Reform Movement Early Childhood Engagement
  • Creating Connected Communities for Families with Young Children (for congregations without Early Childhood Centers)
  • Engaging Congregants: Small Groups with Meaning
  • Finding the Sacred in the Mundane: Reimagining Financial Support
  • Pursuing Justice: Becoming a Community of Action (with the Religious Action Center)
  • B'nai Mitzvah Revolution: Innovators Lab

Indeed, the Biennial is an essential component in the URJ’s continuum of and commitment to leadership development – and an outstanding opportunity for leaders to arm themselves with targeted resources and an understanding of how to use them to strengthen and enrich congregations and to reshape and refine North America’s Jewish landscape. Register now.  I look forward to seeing you – and the rest of our Reform Jewish family – in Orlando for inspired learning, worship, celebration, and more!  

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