Op-ed: "Conventional Wisdom Has Shifted" Regarding Congregational Life

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Op-ed: "Conventional Wisdom Has Shifted" Regarding Congregational Life

Amy Asin, vice president of strengthening congregations for the URJ, has an op-ed in eJewish Philanthropy aptly titled "Strengthening Congregations," highlighting the many ways the URJ is helping its 900 congregations across North America grow and flourish. Asin writes,

A lot of attention is paid these days to innovative start-ups in the Jewish world. And much of this attention is well-deserved. The energy and creativity being unleashed are both extraordinary and critical to the present and future of Jewish life in North America, and, likely, worldwide. But too often, it is similarly assumed that because established institutions are, well, established, they are not innovating internally. Frankly, that’s not the case.

At the URJ, we spend our days engaging with congregational leaders representing the 900 congregations of the URJ, and I can tell you that there is significant innovation happening in synagogues across North America. The conventional wisdom has shifted. No longer are congregations waiting for the conveyor belt to deliver them new members. They realize that existing solely to sustain their institutions is not a long-term prospect for growth or even for survival.

Instead, they now see that they must innovate, by transforming the way that they create sacred community and meaningful Jewish experiences to have impact on the participants and the world around them. More and more URJ congregations are experimenting, some of them on their own and some in partnership with other congregations. And it’s happening in all sizes of congregations with different demographic profiles, all over North America.

Read the full piece at eJewish Philanthropy.

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