This Month in The Tent: No Summer Slowdown Here!

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This Month in The Tent: No Summer Slowdown Here!

Much of the world slows down during the summer, and even synagogues aren’t the hustling, bustling places they typically are during the rest of the year. Nonetheless, conversations continue unabated in The Tent, the URJ’s online communication and collaboration forum.

Many of the current discussions focus on planning for 5776, with these conversations proving especially popular:

  • With fewer than 10 weeks until the High Holidays, synagogue leaders are engaged in an ongoing conversation about how to market worship services to unaffiliated members of the community. Do you have any advice to share? Chime in!
  • On the programming front, synagogue leaders whose congregations are immersed in hands-on social action initiatives are looking for ways to boost social action advocacy activities, including how to achieve consensus from among a diversity of opinions.
  • Are religious school fees are tax deductible? A conversation among lay leaders tackles the touchy topic of IRS rules and how to advise temple members about which synagogue expenses can (and cannot) be written off.
  • Has your synagogue come up with an interesting way to let families know about children's b'nai mitzvah dates? How about a “Parashah Party”? Check out this conversation about creative ways to inform families of their child’s bar or bat mitzvah date.
  • Synagogue leaders are ever in search of cost savings, and this conversation about how to get discounts for software purchases can save you a bundle. Hear from congregations that are already taking advantage of these cost-effective measures to learn how yours can do the same.
  • For a bird’s-eye view of how other congregations manage all things High Holiday – from tickets and video streaming to balancing security and audacious hospitality and more – check out this summary of a recent YamJam in The Tent.

The lazy days of summer are a perfect opportunity to come on in, join the conversation, and explore the wealth of resources and information available in The Tent. For additional support, contact the URJ Knowledge Network team.

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