Launches New Podcast "On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah" with Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Inside Leadership Launches New Podcast "On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah" with Rabbi Rick Jacobs

Weekly Multimedia Podcast Extends Popular “Ten Minutes of Torah” Learning Platforms Offering Contemporary Insight and Wisdom

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February 19, 2016, New York, NY -, the flagship website of the Union for Reform Judaism (URJ) reaching more than two million visitors annually, has launched a new weekly podcast titled On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah.

Featuring URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs, the engaging and entertaining podcast is available now for download and subscription on iTunes, RSS feed, and other platforms.

To access the podcast, visit

The On the Other Hand podcast extends’s popular Ten Minutes of Torah commentary series of daily emails and blogs exploring Jewish wisdom. On the Other Hand offers insights into the weekly Torah portion, helping listeners to open up Jewish thought and its contemporary influence on life today. Each week, Rabbi Jacobs distills 2,000 years of Jewish wisdom into just 10 minutes of modern-day commentary. The podcast invites users to share their own interpretations of Torah via Facebook and Twitter.

About launching the podcast, Rabbi Jacobs said, “We’re producing this podcast – and all the resources on – for everyone who enjoys learning, thinking, and exploring ideas that enrich our lives. The URJ believes that everyone can feel at home in Jewish experiences, and with On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah, we’ll be reaching more individuals and communities with the ultimate goal of bringing wholeness, justice, and compassion to the world.”

“What’s exciting about the format and the spirit of On the Other Hand: Ten Minutes of Torah is the chance to bring these stories and lessons alive in both historical and modern contexts, giving listeners a religious, cultural, spiritual, and communal experience,” said Rabbi Leora Kaye, Director of Program for the URJ. “The Ten Minutes of Torah platforms offer really rich Jewish content and progressive, egalitarian perspectives that are only found on”

The first episode features Rabbi Jacobs delving deep into parashat Yitro from the book of Exodus, teaching, as part of the exploration of the portion: “Sometimes, we people who think of our lives as spiritual journeys; sometimes we’re waiting for that moment on the mountain – the moment with the fire and the lightning. But we’re not hearing the voices of those around us… Those we love most, and sometimes the ones we overlook. But, the revelation of holiness, the revelation at the heart of our tradition, happens not just in those peak moments. It happens in those quiet places as well.”

Since its launch in March 2013, has reached 4 million users, becoming a popular destination for people seeking information about Jewish life, practice, learning, culture, and social justice from a modern Jewish perspective. offers “how-to” videos, holiday guides, recipes, Torah commentaries, blessings, information about Israel, articles on parenting, Jewish practice and rituals, social justice and advocacy, and a lively blog. Visit to find answers to questions, educational information on Jewish practice and holidays, a directory of Reform Jewish congregations, listings of Judaism classes across North America, and more.

Rabbi Rick Jacobs is the president of the URJ, representing the largest movement in North America, with almost 900 congregations representing nearly 1.5 million people. An innovative thought leader and representative of progressive Judaism, Rabbi Jacobs has been featured by The New York Times and appeared on CNN.


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Published: 2/17/2016

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