Join a Call-In Day to Oppose Senator Sessions' Nomination

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Join a Call-In Day to Oppose Senator Sessions' Nomination

Senator Jeff Sessions looking off camera

On February 1, 2017, join Reform Jews from across the United States who are calling their senators and urging them to oppose the confirmation of Senator Jeff Sessions as Attorney General. This day of action comes at a crucial time, as the Senate Judiciary Committee is scheduled to vote on Senator Sessions’ nomination on January 31 and the full Senate vote, the last hurdle, will come soon after.

It is essential that senators hear from their Reform Jewish constituents about the threat Senator Sessions’ potential confirmation poses to the advancement of key issues such as voting rights, criminal justice reform, LGBTQ equality, women’s rights, immigration reform and church-state separation. As Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner said in a statement detailing our opposition to the nomination,

“Senator Sessions’ record and testimony causes us to believe that, as Attorney General, he would stand in the way of the Justice Department’s mandate to enforce and protect these fundamental rights.”

As Reform Jews, we are guided by the words of Rabbi Yitzhak:

“A ruler is not to be appointed unless the community is first consulted” (B’rachot 55a).

The Reform Movement’s longstanding pursuit of civil rights and equal opportunity has relied upon the Department of Justice to implement and enforce key laws for which we have advocated. The chance that Senator Sessions could halt that progress animates our opposition to his nomination.

Join us on February 1, to make our voices heard and urge senators to vote against Senator Sessions’ confirmation. Need talking points? The RAC has provided them for you.

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Jacob Kraus is the campaign organizer at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism, leading the Reform Movement’s Urgency of Now campaigns for criminal justice reform and immigrant justice. Based at the Union for Reform Judaism offices in New York City, Jacob grew up in Cincinnati, OH, where his family is affiliated with Rockdale Temple. He is a 2015 graduate of Macalester College.

Jacob Kraus

Published: 1/30/2017

Categories: Social Justice & Advocacy
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