Youth Professional 101 Fellowship: An Opportunity to Strengthen Congregational Youth Engagement

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Youth Professional 101 Fellowship: An Opportunity to Strengthen Congregational Youth Engagement

Youth professionals gathered around a table working together with notebooks and pens scattered across the surface of the table

The URJ is excited to announce the launch of the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship (YP101), a fellowship program for full- and part-time youth professionals in the first two years of their careers.

Fellowship participants will learn with experts in the field, create a peer-to-peer learning group, and explore how to create meaningful and sustainable youth engagement models in their community. The Youth Professional 101 Fellowship began last year as a URJ Community of Practice, engaging more than 40 youth professionals from across North America.

Participant Kara Hoffman says of the experience,

“As a synagogue employee in my first job out of college, I’m always looking to keep learning. Whether programmed or not, I’ve had meaningful, insightful, and enlightening conversations with individuals who share my passions…We all have such different backgrounds, job descriptions, expectations from supervisors and ourselves; YP101 has allowed us to learn from experts and from each other.”

In 2017-18, the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship will, with the generous support of the Covenant Foundation, offer expanded support and deeper learning for congregational youth professionals Covenant Foundation and their supervisors. This fellowship is for congregations with youth professionals who are:

  • In the first two years in their positions as a youth director/advisor
  • Looking for the skills and knowledge necessary to build a strong youth program
  • Ready to think deeply about youth engagement and create new and meaningful ways of engaging youth in Jewish life

Participants in the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship will:

  1. Learn together in person at a fall retreat, held at HUC-JIR in Cincinnati
  2. Participate in monthly distance learning webinars (View topics in the Tent)
  3. Join small group coaching twice per month
  4. Complete approximately one hour of individual learning per month
  5. Receive a certificate of completion
  6. Be invited to publish their learnings in URJ publications

Congregations in the YP101 Fellowship will also receive complementary training for supervisors to support their youth professional in applying their learning.

As Kara shared,

“The Youth Professional 101 fellowship connected me to a group of professionals that, over nine months, became a real working community and a cohort with whom I can share ideas and new methods to approach the age-old question: “How do I make a difference in the lives of the teens and youth I work with?”

Is the Youth Professional 101 Fellowship right for your congregation? Learn more and check out our FAQs. Registration now open through July 11.*

If you have not yet hired your youth professional for 2017-18, you can still pre-register for the Fellowship. The registration form can be filled out by a youth professional, supervisor, or lay leader.  

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