In Case You Missed It: Stories and Resources We Loved this Year

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In Case You Missed It: Stories and Resources We Loved this Year

Summer is here! In between visiting camp, staffing a Birthright Israel trip, and taking some well-deserved vacation, here’s a summer reading list to inspire your planning for next year. Happy reading!



The news has been full of stories about gender equality and transgender rights, and our youth and teens are at the forefront of this discussion. Brush up on the basics of the gender spectrum. 

Racial Justice – A Social Justice Primer for

Our teens are taking the lead to address and change issues of racial injustice. Learn more about NFTY's Racial Justice Campaign and how your youth program can get involved in this issue.

The Truth is Hard for Kids, Too – New York Times

Young people have a lot to say about current issues and events. Here is a little inspiration about why it is important to include our youth in the conversation.

Uncovering Abundance: New Strategies for Youth Engagement – URJ

Feeling stretched for resources? The Abundance Mindset helps us find new approaches to youth engagement within reach.

What Exactly Do We Mean by Happiness in Jewish education? – eJewishPhilanthropy

Sometimes, getting kids to enjoy Jewish education can be quite a challenge. Discover the PERMA model and how to return to embracing and rejoicing Judaism.

Roundup of Articles, Resources, and Webinars on “13 Reasons Why” - URJ

There is no easy way to talk about mental health and the questions raised in the wake of Netflix's "Thirteen Reasons Why" miniseries. Use our resource roundup to create an open, meaningful, and supportive dialogue with your youth, teens, and families.

Making the Most of Technology in Jewish Education – Jim Joseph Foundation

Technology is everywhere, so let's reap the benefits and put it to use in our congregations and youth groups. Update your curriculum and upgrade to a faster connection to Judaism with the tips from this article.

How Parents and Schools Can Help Build Kids Emotional Strength – MindShift

The social struggle is real, especially for pre-teens and teens. Find out how we can help our kids develop better self-confidence and love of learning.

Building Capacity for Change for Congregational Education – URJ

Here are 5 key principles gleaned from the Reimagining Congregational Education Community of Practice. Which ones will you put into practice in the new school year?

How to Support the Sacred Work of Parenting in Your Congregation – B'nai Mitzvah Revolution

The b'nai mitzvah process often centers on the child. Here, one congregation shares a model for building a supportive community of parents.


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Published: 6/12/2017

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