Soulful Complexity: Advice for Talking with Children and Teens About What’s Happening in Israel

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Soulful Complexity: Advice for Talking with Children and Teens About What’s Happening in Israel

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Greetings from URJ Kutz Camp where I am serving on faculty this week. Even in this bucolic setting, the loud cries from and about Israel are stirring conversation and action. Because this URJ community cares about Israel as a place welcoming to all Jews, the concerns expressed by participants and staff come from a place of commitment to Israel and its future. 

A few nights ago, the teen leadership here produced a program they called Israel Assembly. It succeeded to both touch the soul and delve into issues of complexity. This idea of soulful complexity is stirring around in my head – I think it is a good way to capture our aspirations for Israel engagement throughout the work we do with youth across the URJ. In this spirit, and in the hopes that you agree, I’m sharing some ideas from the initiative here. We’ve created and curated resources that we think will be enormously helpful in creating educational programming around the complex religious pluralism issues that have heated up recently in Israel. We know that these issues won’t be going away – we imagine that it will still be timely and urgent to address religious pluralism in Israel well into the fall. 

In the Tent, we’ve shared a few resources to support educational programming for children and teens around religious pluralism in Israel:

Please share the programming you do in The Tent group so that we can all learn from each other.

Access these resources in the Tent

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Rabbi Reuven Greenvald is the director of Israel engagement at the Union for Reform Judaism.  His prior experience in re-thinking Israel engagement comes from work on innovative initiatives in the North American program of the Jewish Agency for Israel.  

Rabbi Reuven Greenvald

Published: 7/12/2017

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