Outraged Reform Jewish Leaders to Israeli PM: Denounce Degrading Body Searches of Female Rabbinic Students at Kotel

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Outraged Reform Jewish Leaders to Israeli PM: Denounce Degrading Body Searches of Female Rabbinic Students at Kotel

Press Release
Press Release

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August 24, 2017; New York, NY - This letter was sent to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by the leaders of the Reform Movement, the largest movement in Jewish life, in response to unnecessary and demeaning searches imposed on female rabbinic students at the Western Wall in Jerusalem:

Dear Prime Minister Netanyahu,

We are writing to express our outrage and dismay about the humiliation of a cohort of Reform rabbinic students, all of whom are the future leadership of the Jewish people, at the entrance to the Kotel on August 23rd, Rosh Hodesh Elul.

Two of our female rabbinic students, who are spending their first year of studies in Israel, were stopped at the entrance to the Kotel. After they passed through a metal detector (which clearly indicated that they were not posing any security threat), they were asked to lift their skirts and shirts in a demeaning way, an action that completely defied the decisions the Supreme Court reached on this matter.

These bold young leaders were treated in the most degrading way imaginable. They were pulled out of line among hundreds of men and women and were subject to a completely unnecessary search. The actions of the Western Wall Heritage Fund go beyond the disagreement we have about the implementation of a compromise at the Kotel. This was an unacceptable and shameful attempt to hurt and humiliate our leaders, and we are deeply outraged.

Our goal with our young leadership is to cultivate a love and a commitment to Israel.  We will continue to struggle for justice and work to create an Israel we can be proud of. The actions of the personnel at the Kotel yesterday morning only continue to make our work extremely difficult.

Please issue a swift and clear denunciation of the events that took place yesterday.


Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President, Union for Reform Judaism 
Rabbi Aaron Panken, President, Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion 
Rabbi Steven A. Fox, Chief Executive, Central Conference of American Rabbis


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