A URJ Update on Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

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A URJ Update on Hurricane Harvey Relief Efforts

Texas flag painted onto textured aluminum

Ah, unhappy, storm-tossed soul,

with none to comfort you:

I will make garnets your building-stones,

And sapphires your foundations.

(Isaiah 54:11)

As the full magnitude of the devastation created by Hurricane Harvey becomes clear, the Union for Reform Judaism is mobilizing to provide support to our member congregations, to our community, and to the broader community of those impacted by this powerful storm. Our prayers are with all those who are harm’s way, including the brave first responders who are already putting their lives on the line to help their neighbors.

While we know recovery will take months and not days, we recognize the need to provide immediate support, as well. We are therefore taking the following steps today:

  1. URJ Greene Family Camp in Bruceville, TX, will be available for those who need a place to stay. Camp will be open and providing housing, meals, and some programing for an indefinite period of time. 
    If you have been affected by the storm and are interested in coming to Greene, please fill out this form.
    If you are able to make a donation to support this special effort by the Greene Family Camp, please do so via the URJ.
  2. We are reaching out to all Reform-affiliated congregations in the affected area to provide assistance as appropriate. Their needs will become clearer in the coming days. Stefani Rozen, director of Greene Family Camp, is on site in Houston, as are other leaders of our Movement.
  3. We are in close contact with our partners in this work, and we encourage anyone who is able to make a donation to support relief work to do so through the following:

We are exploring a variety of other steps, including facilitating Greene Family Camp’s providing programming and support in the impacted areas, and we will continue to provide updates as often as circumstances warrant.

For ongoing updates, please follow the URJ on Facebook and Twitter and consult the #HurricaneHarvey topic tag in The Tent. To communicate with the URJ about any local needs or specific response questions, please email HarveyResponse@urj.org.

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Mark Pelavin is the chief program officer and director of the Biennial at the Union for Reform Judaism.

Mark J. Pelavin

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