Rabbi Rick Jacobs: Important Statement From Israeli Supreme Court Reminding Prime Minister's Government To Abide By Rule Of Law

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Rabbi Rick Jacobs: Important Statement From Israeli Supreme Court Reminding Prime Minister's Government To Abide By Rule Of Law

Press Release
Press Release

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New York, NY; August 31, 2017 - Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, issued the statement below following the Israeli Supreme Court hearing today criticizing the Israeli government for freezing the agreement to create an egalitarian prayer space at the Western Wall in Jerusalem:

Today, the Israeli Supreme Court made an important statement by signaling that they are fed up with the Netanyahu government’s decision to “freeze” its own governmental decision forged in compromise with our Reform Movement and our allies. The court gave the Israeli government two weeks to come back with a counter argument to the court, an extremely short window that seems to imply great impatience with the government’s behavior. They asked the Netanyahu government: How is it legal and constitutional to discriminate as is presently done?

In Chief Justice Miriam Naor’s words to the government: “You conducted negotiations, you reached an agreement for an outline — but then during the legal proceedings, you made a fuss and said ‘it’s being frozen.’ There is legal process, it’s not a matter of doing whatever you want whenever you want… An agreement that is ‘frozen,’ can also be thawed."

This has been a long journey, with many turns in the road, but we will not rest until we have achieved equality. This struggle is an increasingly important one, that leads to the very heart of Israel as a democratic Jewish state. Will a small minority decide the future of the relationship between Israel and Diaspora Jewry? Will part of the Netanyahu legacy be this divide between the communities?

The Israeli Supreme Court was deliberately built on the highest point in Jerusalem. It sits higher than the Knesset or the chief rabbinate’s office or the Prime Minister’s office. The symbolism couldn’t be more clear: Israel is a democracy where the rule of law is paramount. Fundamental equality is at the core of our beloved Jewish State and that must not be undermined by the government or the chief rabbinate. The court’s ruling on this will be an essential affirmation of the promise of Israel to be a home for all its citizens.

At this time of year, as we approach our holiest days, we take stock – cheshbon hanefesh, a spiritual accounting – of the past year and anticipate what we must do differently in the year to come. Our strength as a Jewish community is our diversity. We don’t all pray, think, vote or act identically but we are still one people. The promise of Zionism is that Israel will be the home for all the Jewish people, not some of our people. That commitment must be affirmed with regard to the Kotel and every other part of Israeli society.  

We continue to call on our Movement and our allies to ensure that when the gates are closed, at the end of Yom Kippur, and the shofar is sounded, we will usher in a new year filled with respect, equality and love for the many authentic expressions of Judaism. May 5778 be a year of welcoming and courage, of diversity and strength.


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