URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs to Prime Minister Netanyahu: Dismiss Deputy Foreign Minister

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URJ President Rabbi Rick Jacobs to Prime Minister Netanyahu: Dismiss Deputy Foreign Minister

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New York, NY; November 23, 2017 - Rabbi Rick Jacobs, President of the Union for Reform Judaism, issued the following statement in response to denigrating comments about North American Jews by Israel's Deputy Foreign Minister: 

The Deputy Foreign Minister has a right to her ill-informed and insulting views. But such views disqualify her holding such an important role in Israel’s diplomatic corps. Her comments serve to underscore how the Israeli government disdains the majority of North American Jews. 

We note with appreciation the Prime Minister’s statement criticizing Hotovely’s words. As always, the Prime Minister finds the right words. This moment, however, demands action and not simply words. He needs to dismiss Hotovely immediately. 

Further, even as we acknowledge the Prime Minister’s statement, we respectfully suggest that what he says to us and the English-speaking media is far less important than what he says to his haredi partners. For too long he has allowed them to hijack Israeli interests. That can and should end today.


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Published: 11/23/2017

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