It's Time to Show a Little Fairness

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It's Time to Show a Little Fairness

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On the first day of [Hanukkah] Daniel Gordis published a strongly worded op-ed following the North American Reform movement’s statement expressing concern by the White House’s timing of its recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The title of the article was “It’s time to show a little love,” but the truth is that there was no love or integrity in what he wrote.

The writer presented the movement’s statement in a biased and prejudiced manner, chose to ignore the clarifications that the movement made, and even worse, chose to present the overall attitude of North American Jewry to the Zionist enterprise in a simplistic and distorted manner.

The Reform movement’s statement on the eve of President Donald Trump’s declaration was challenged not only outside of the movement, but also within it. As would be expected of a pluralistic movement which encourages dialogue and deliberation, alternative voices were also sounded from within the American Reform movement itself.

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Rabbi Gilad Kariv is president and CEO of the Israel Movement for Reform and Progressive Judaism.

Rabbi Gilad Kariv

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