This is Your Chance to Speak Up about the URJ’s Impact on Your Congregation

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This is Your Chance to Speak Up about the URJ’s Impact on Your Congregation

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As part of our 2020 Vision, the Union for Reform Judaism put in place many opportunities, resources, and programs to strengthen Reform congregations by helping leaders like you to develop leaders, innovate, find answers to particular problems, connect to others through networks, and manage through crisis and transition.

We continue to be inspired when we see how many of you engage in our offerings: More than 10,000 congregational leaders are active in The Tent; 6,000 of you joined us at the 2017 URJ Biennial in Boston; you submit more than 1,000 questions to the URJ Knowledge Network team every year; more than 140 congregational presidents attend the URJ Scheidt Seminar annually; and so much more.

And yet, we always reiterate the need for congregations to go “beyond counting heads” and to really measure impact – so we’re following our own advice.

Measuring impact is a complicated task, and this is where we need you.

On March 12, 2018, we will be launching the URJ Baseline Congregational Impact Survey. Our goal is to evaluate the impact of your experiences with the URJ on your congregation, and to create a baseline against which we can measure our impact over time.

This will be your chance to speak up so we can plan the future with you and make our offerings even more valuable for you and your congregation.

We will be looking to receive up to three responses from every congregation, from the leaders that represent the following aspects of the congregation:

  1. Lead clergy member or person most familiar with the spiritual and programming life of the congregation
  2. Executive director or person most familiar with the administrative and financial work of the congregation
  3. President or lay leader most familiar with the governance of the congregation

If you come from a congregation in which one leader represents two or three aspects of the congregation, this individual should be the respondent on behalf of your congregation for those areas. Otherwise, we ask that all three congregational representatives respond to our survey. The survey will remain open through March 26th.

Your responses are confidential but not anonymous. We will do overall analysis tying your responses to other data we have about your congregation, including which programs you participate in, but we won’t ever look at your individual response without your permission.

We are looking for straightforward, thoughtful, and candid feedback. Your constructive input will ensure that we can truly learn about our impact and will help us shape our future offerings. We will be sharing the results with you in fall 2018.

We are asking you, as our thought partners in this work, to ensure that your congregation participates in this important evaluative effort. If you are the person most familiar with the spiritual and programming life, administrative work, or governance of your congregation, look for the survey link in your inbox on March 12th. If you hold another leadership position at your congregation, please urge those representing your congregation in these capacities to participate.

We need you. Your input will help us be your partner in strengthening your congregation and our Reform Movement.

For any questions about the URJ Baseline Congregational Impact Survey, contact us at

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Amy Asin is the URJ’s Vice President and Director of Strengthening Congregations. She is a past president of Congregation Beth Am in Los Altos Hills, CA, and a former board member of URJ Camp Newman. Asin holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and spent 15 years consulting to Fortune 500 businesses with Booz, Allen & Hamilton.

Amy Asin

Published: 3/01/2018

Categories: Strengthening Congregations
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