The Power of the Brit Olam Network - and How You Can Be Part of It

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The Power of the Brit Olam Network - and How You Can Be Part of It

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Across North America and around the world, vulnerable populations face profound challenges. To better equip our congregations to take action on issues affecting their communities, the RAC created the Brit Olam, which translates to a “covenant with our world.”

Since its launch in April 2017, the Brit Olam has offered congregations a mechanism to re-commit to engaging in deep and meaningful social justice work, as well as access to a growing network of nearly 200 congregations and communities acting powerfully and together to bring about the world we want – a world of wholeness, justice, and compassion.

We are witnessing the power of networked congregations who are ready, willing, and able to take action through the RAC’s Civic Engagement Campaign.

Through this nonpartisan effort focusing on three pillars – voter engagement, candidate engagement, and key ballot initiatives – our congregations and communities have access to the necessary tools and resources to ensure that Jewish voices are present in the public square. Brit Olam congregations are continuing to play a pivotal role in this campaign. (To learn more about the work happening on the ground, be sure to follow along in the Social Action group in the Tent at #CivicEngagement2018.)

We also know that it is imperative to have leaders in our congregations and communities who are inspired and prepared to initiate action at the local, state, and federal levels. The RAC’s biennial social justice conference, the Consultation on Conscience, is dedicated to training social justice leaders, creating opportunities for networking and community building, and offering participants the opportunity to engage in reflection, conversation, and action.

We encourage congregations to send delegations to the Consultation, an important opportunity for leaders to engage in training and relationship building and deepen their involvement in social justice efforts to protect the most vulnerable. Delegations are strongest when they are representative of the full breadth of congregational life and reflect the core of your social justice leadership; your clergy, lay leaders, teens, families, and others.

Need a recap? Here are three ways that your congregation can take action through Reform Movement-wide social justice efforts that are grounded in our sacred and enduring Jewish values:

  1. Sign the Brit Olam: Join the nearly 200 Brit Olam congregations who are bringing social justice to the center of congregational life.
  2. Register to bring a Delegation to the 2019 Consultation on Conscience: The event is taking place in Washington, D.C., from May 19-21, 2018. Visit our website to learn more.
  3. Download the RAC’s Civic Engagement Campaign toolkits: Use this resource within your Reform Jewish community; it includes a resource for Sukkot and content tailored for students.
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Elizabeth Leff is a Leadership Development Associate at the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism. She is a graduate of New York University.

Elizabeth Leff
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