Nine Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Youth Summit at NFTY Convention 2019

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Nine Reasons You Don’t Want to Miss the Youth Summit at NFTY Convention 2019

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Engaging Jewish teens in the 21st century offers a unique set of opportunities and struggles. As Jewish youth professionals and lay leaders, we grapple with how to best engage and support today’s teens, who are also known as change makers, activists, inspired leaders, and most importantly, a variety of unique souls trying to find their way and make a difference. As we tackle this awesome task together, consider expanding your toolbox and joining us at the URJ’s Youth Summit at NFTY Convention 2019.

This is the only conference for Reform youth professionals and lay leaders by Reform youth professionals and lay leaders. Therefore, the Youth Summit is a unique opportunity to learn with and from peers and experts who understand the unique opportunities and challenges facing our field. Plus, it’s all happening under the same roof as NFTY Convention, giving you access to the speakers, moments, and thrills of the ultimate NFTY event alongside your teens.

Wondering why you should go? Here are our top nine reasons for attending:

  1. Learn how the field of Jewish teen engagement is being strengthened through sacred partnerships between adults and teens.
  2. Engage in a meaningful cohort experience with plenty of time for networking and peer-to-peer learning.
  3. Explore the unique challenges of engaging today’s Jewish teens through the framework of enduring understandings – important ideas and core processes that are central to a discipline and have lasting value beyond the classroom.
  4. Have fun with colleagues at a true Texan locale!
  5. Connect with your local URJ Youth partners from camps, NFTY, and Israel programs.
  6. Learn from secular innovators, experience personalized Jewish learning, and reflect upon how to apply these teachings to your work.
  7. Participate in a variety of learning sessions, engage in open space conversations about current issues, and enhance your skill set to increase your impact. 
  8. Gain an understanding of the educational theories behind your work to expand your knowledge base and increase your potential.
  9. Enjoy all the best that NFTY Convention has to offer, including an incredible Shabbat experience, plenaries, and more!

Still need convincing? Then you should also know that we will learn about and struggle with big ideas, such as innovation and tradition, structure and agency, individualism and communitarianism, and engagement and education. Throughout the Summit, we will use these concepts to consider how to best connect to and engage with today’s Jewish teens in the lifelong journey of Jewish practice and community. We’ll meet with URJ leadership, explore the Dallas metro area, and deepen the year-round relationships that sustain our congregations, camps, and NFTY regions.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for learning, networking, and fun! Registration is now open! Secure your spot with early bird pricing by November 19 at


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Published: 10/26/2018

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