This Jewish Feminism Fellowship Empowers Teens to Be a Force for Good

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This Jewish Feminism Fellowship Empowers Teens to Be a Force for Good

Three smiling teen participants in the Kol Koleinu feminism fellowship

Moving Tradition’s Kol Koleinu fellowship, offered in collaboration with NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement, invites young Jewish feminists of all genders nationally to explore and deepen their feminist knowledge, channel their voices to share their beliefs, and use their skills to create tangible change in their communities.

Kol Koleinu translates to “All of Our voices” The name of the program was created as way to signal a feminism that is gender inclusive and a vision of a community that truly elevates and celebrates all voices.

In mid-May, the 2018-19 Kol Koleinu fellows and their parents gathered on a sunny afternoon in Manhattan to celebrate their accomplishments. The afternoon was an inspiring and hopeful one, appreciated after a week in which women’s rights were newly threatened by Alabama’s anti-choice legislation. The fellows shared the interesting and thoughtful activism projects that they completed as part of the fellowship: a zine about feminism, a toolkit for exploring gender expression and clothing, and a thirty-day Instagram based self-affirmation and body positivity challenge.

As the participants spoke about their projects, their sense of empowerment to be a force for change in their lives and the lives of their peers was palpable. It was enlivening to witness the community and the pride they felt about what they had learned and achieved.

On Moving Traditions' blog, one participant, Rachel Gorman-Cooper, shared the following reflection about her time in Kol Koleinu – how the fellowship not only transformed her understanding of feminism but also her understanding about herself. She writes: 

"I applied to Kol Koleinu with the hopes of turning my limited knowledge of feminism from Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg being a cool woman to a broader understanding of feminism. I quickly achieved these goals through slideshows and interactive conversations."

Read the whole post, then learn more about Kol Koleinu, open to Jewish 10th-12th graders in the United States. The fellowship is now accepting applications for the 2019-20 academic year; the application deadline is Friday, June 21, 2019 at 11:59pm EST. Learn more and apply now.

Rabbi Tamara Cohen is a 2018-19 coordinator for Kol Koleinu: A Teen Feminist Fellowship.

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Published: 6/18/2019

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