Want to End Funding to the Settlements? Vote.

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Want to End Funding to the Settlements? Vote.

Silhouette of a hand dropping a ballot into a ballot box in front of an Israeli flag

What do you think about settlements? Do you think Jews should continue to settle in the West Bank? Should the current settlements continue to expand? Do you think the Government of Israel should fund them?  Do you think public Jewish money should go to funding the Settlement enterprise?

If so, good for you.

If not, what are you going to do about it? You can boycott products from the settlements, but that doesn’t really work and is problematic for a whole slew of reasons.

You can make aliyah and vote in the Knesset.

Or, instead, you can help us have a say in where the public money of the Jewish people goes.

Here’s how you can: Vote in the World Zionist Congress Elections.

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Rabbi Josh Weinberg is the Union for Reform Judaism’s vice president for Israel and Reform Zionism and the executive director of ARZA, the Association of Reform Zionists of America.

Rabbi Josh Weinberg

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