Here's Everything You Can Expect from Hava Nashira 2020

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Here's Everything You Can Expect from Hava Nashira 2020

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Were you inspired and moved by the diverse and meaningful worship you experienced all week at the URJ Biennial? Are you looking for ways to innovate worship and music in your congregations? 

Hava Nashira the annual songleading and music workshop of the URJ and OSRUI, is the place to do that.

This dynamic four-day program reflects the new music, performers, teachers, and creators involved in Biennial and our Reform Movement’s commitment to the power of music and prayer to create lasting community. At Hava Nashira, you’ll learn from and collaborate with many of the same experts who led, taught, and brought you the Biennial worship, as well as so many other music and worship leaders from across our Movement.

This program is for lay leaders in congregations very small to very large, for clergy ordained or not, from the beginner musical leader to the most seasoned and trained professional. Expect inspiring worship, deep and joyous singing in multiple-part harmony (note: reading music is not required), repertoire both brand new and familiar, and networking and learning from every participant. You’ll also get to choose from classes such as:

  • “Teaching Music Within Worship"
  • “Religious School Music Teaching" (101 and 201 levels)
  • “Tot Shabbat that Rocks the House"
  • “Songleading Master Class"
  • “Contemplative Prayer, Mantra, and Chant"
  • “Blending Traditional Davening and Contemporary Repertoire"
  • “Composition"
  • “Creative Holy Day, Festival, and Torah Services"
  • “10 Top Tips"
  • “Instrumentation (Piano, Drumming, and More)"
  • And others!

Hava Nashira is planned and facilitated by innovators, creators, professional musicians, clergy, and  Reform Movement leaders, including Cantor Rosalie Will, Noah Aronson, Merri Lovinger Arian, Rabbi Ken Chasen, Shira Kline, Cantor Ellen Dreskin, Dan Nichols, Ellen Allard, Josh Nelson, Eliana Light, and many others.

In May 2020, we are expanding our teaching faculty with: new voices; new teachers in the areas of engagement for families and adults; new ideas of social justice and group singing; and continued learning about how music, singing, and prayer can deepen the experience of your congregation, as well as reach beyond the walls to broaden your reach. Everyone is committed to teaching and sharing diverse modalities of enhancing your worship and engaging you in discovering new ways to build and strengthen your community.

For more than 25 years, Hava Nashira – the only official adult Jewish worship and music conference of the Reform Movement – has been leading the conversation about worship and music, welcoming diverse populations from a variety of denominations, communities, and congregations to gather and grow. It is a place where tradition is celebrated, ideas are born, creativity is nurtured, and everyone leaves inspired and energized to take their home community on the next thrilling path of their worship journey

For the first time this spring, there is no attendance limit. We now have unlimited space, with plenty of space at camp and in nearby hotels and with shuttle service to and from the site.

If you’ve ever thought about attending Hava Nashira or have just been looking for a way to reinvigorate your worship community, now is the time.

See you (and sing with you) this spring!

Learn more about Hava Nashira 2020, which begins Sunday, May 24, in Oconomowoc, WI. Registration for first-time attendees opens on Tuesday, Feb. 18th; registration for returning attendees opens Monday, Feb. 24.

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