Big News: NFTY Launches Its Racial Justice Campaign

February 19, 2017NFTY: The Reform Jewish Youth Movement

For more than 75 years, NFTY has been taking action to create a more just, whole and compassionate world. This weekend, at NFTY Convention, we’ve been helping teens uncover their passion around social justice and learning how to turn that passion in to action. As part of our prophetic call to action to not stand idly by, NFTY formally launched our racial justice campaign this evening to begin to address the issues of systemic racism in North America.          

NFTY's racial justice campaign is focused on helping teens learn, connect and do – to reflect, relate, and reform on matters of racial injustice, such as mass incarceration and voting rights.

Your teens can:

  • Visit our website to connect to the issues, narratives, and resources that matter most to them.
  • Sign up to become Campaign Ambassadors, connecting with other teens who are mobilizing across generational lines around North America to activate their congregations and communities.
  • Submit action items, informed by their own experiences and needs, that will inspire others to take action towards justice and equality for all.

Tzedek, tzedek, tirdof (Deut. 16:20), justice, justice, shall we pursue. We’re urging our Reform Jewish teens, with the power of the Reform Movement behind them, to go forth and pursue justice.

NFTY's racial justice campaign is launched in partnership with the Religious Action Center and the Union for Reform Judaism. Join with us and demand equality and justice for all people. We will not stand idly by!

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