Aron Hirt-Manheimer

Aron Hirt-Manheimer

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Student group at archeological site in Israel

Israel may be a small country, but there are so many sites to see and issues about which to learn. You could spend months touring the country and still feel like you need more time. If you’re visiting for only a week or two, consider adding some of these 18 cultural, religious, historical, and natural sites to your itinerary.

The Western Wall (the Kotel) is considered by many to be the most sacred place in Jewish tradition. People from around the world come to pray at this holy site, often placing handwritten notes in crevices in the ancient stones. Recently, the Western Wall has...

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The author and his elderly mother posing together against a white background

There are some questions about growing up as the son of Holocaust survivors I had never asked my parents, so a week before Mother’s Day, I phoned my 96-year-old mother, Adela, and asked her to share some memories and thoughts about motherhood.

Aron: What was it like for you as a mother when Rose [my sister] and I were little?

Adela: Whenever I think back to that time, I feel regret. I never had time to be a mother. I was always running: being a nurse to your father, leaving for work at 6:00 in the morning and coming home at 7:00, cooking and cleaning. I was in some kind of...

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Rabbi David Ellenson holding the face of Rabbi Aaron Panken as he passes on the presidency of Hebrew Union College at Rabbi Pankens 2014 installation

Rabbi Aaron Panken, Ph.D, was interviewed by the editors of Reform Judaism magazine on the occasion of his assuming the presidency of Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion (HUC-JIR) on January 1, 2014. The following is an excerpt from that conversation.

Reform Judaism magazine: You have just been elected to one of the top leadership positions in the Reform Movement. Would you describe yourself as one who has come up through the ranks?

Rabbi Panken: Very much so. It all began when I was in the fifth grade. Inexplicably, one afternoon as I walked home from school...

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Two little girls sitting on the floor as they work on a craft project in the shape of trees

Reform Jewish education has changed radically since 1955, when the National Association of Temple Educators (now the ARJE) was founded. Today, innovation remains the guiding principle of those dedicated to advancing the profession and inspiring excellence in Jewish education. I caught up with Rabbi Stan Schickler, RJE, recently to learn about how his organization is contending with contemporary challenges in the field. What was the impetus for your association changing its name in 2014 from the National Association of Temple Educators to the Association of Reform...

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Mans head facing away from the camera wearing a white kippah embroidered with a white Star of David

Adam Armoush, a 21-year-old Israeli Arab wanted to prove to a friend that it was safe to wear a kippah in Berlin. His experiment proved just the opposite. In broad day light in the affluent neighborhood of Prenzlauer, he was attacked by three men hurling insults at the Yehudi (Arabic word for Jew).

While being beaten with a belt, Armoush managed to capture on video one of the attackers, a 19-year-old Palestinian from Syria identified by the police as Knaan S.

“Honestly, I’m a little surprised a thing like this could happen,” Armoush said in an interview with Israeli...

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