Larry Glickman, FTA

Larry Glickman, FTA

Inside Leadership

As a kid, there was never a reason to touch pound sign on my telephone keypad. I just had to dial the seven-digit number, and almost immediately I got to speak to the exact person I needed to. My, how things have changed since then, from 11-digit telephone numbers to proliferation of social media, which has brought about a renaissance of the pound sign.

The pound sign symbol, now commonly called the “hashtag sign,” first became an integral part of Twitter, allowing any word or phrase to become a hashtag. For instance, if I tweet about a Shabbat program at my synagogue and add the...

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Individuals pointing index fingers at each other with white swirl between them

July 1 is a big day in the Reform synagogue world.

July 1 is the day seasoned board members begin a new term. Re-energized and ready to get back to work, they’re eager to recruit new members, reduce expenses and increase revenue, and create educational opportunities and meaningful programs that attract people from throughout the community.

July 1 is the day newly elected leaders begin their first term on the board. They, too, are eager to get started serving the congregation. They have a lot to learn about the temple mission statement and bylaws – and they have to get up to...

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My family recently took a vacation to New Orleans. After some research on AirBnB, we found what looked to be a beautiful home in the Bywater neighborhood that was recently renovated and had the space for us at the price point we were looking for. The Bywater neighborhood seemed to be very close to the French Quarter, so we booked the house and made the long drive from Chicago to New Orleans.

Pulling into the Bywater neighborhood, we eagerly anticipated seeing ornate, New Orleans-style fences surrounding finely manicured lawns and beautiful houses – but all we saw were cracked...

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I wanted to staff a URJ Kesher Taglit-Birthright trip so I could play a small role in helping Jewish young adults learn about Israel and shape their own Jewish identities. By the end of the 10-day trip, though, it was clear to me that I’d learned just as much as they had.

Everyone can be engaged. The 41 participants on our trip ranged in age from 18-22 and came from a diversity of backgrounds. Some had two Jewish parents, others just one; their temple affiliation, exposure to Jewish culture and traditions, and overall involvement in Jewish life ran the gamut from minimal to deep.... Read More

crew members rowing in a boat

Our congregations are sacred communities comprising groups of people who connect to each other through a common set of beliefs and interests. These commonalties enable us to create communities, build temples, and share our Jewish traditions and culture through the generations.

To create sacred communities in a vital and productive way, our leaders must first be able to collaborate effectively with one another, overcoming myriad challenges. Indeed, with cell phones, tablets, and wifi everywhere, there’s certainly no shortage of ways to connect with one another. But sometimes, too...

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