Larry Glickman, FTA

Larry Glickman, FTA

Inside Leadership

This week’s Torah portion this week is Va-eira, the portion that Jewish stutterers around the world – a rather exclusive club of which I am a reluctant member – both celebrate and loathe.

God speaks to Moses and says, “Go and tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites depart from his land,” to which Moses replies, “Why should Pharaoh listen to me, a man of impeded speech?”


Moses appeals to God yet again, “See, I am of impeded speech. How, then, should Pharaoh heed me?”

Believe me, most Jewish stutterers love this portion, which aligns us with Moses, one of the...

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Colorful confetti and party horns

We’re thrilled to announce that as of today, as we begin to gather together for the URJ Biennial, we have welcomed our 5,000th user into The Tent, our online communication and collaboration platform for Reform Jewish leaders.

Since launching The Tent more than a year ago, we’ve seen incredible connections form within it. Treasurers of small congregations have been able to share valuable information with presidents of large congregations; executive directors on the west coast have been able to connect with rabbis on the east coast; program and membership professionals have been able...

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Job descriptions are important. They outline and shape the work to be done. In a temple, job descriptions ensure that lay and professional leaders understand responsibilities and roles.

When I was an executive director, my job description was four pages long. Although routine and mundane tasks were explained in great detail, there were many things I regularly did that were not part of the job description – and never would be.

I kept kids engaged and quiet during Shabbat worship, I directed traffic in our parking lot, I visited staff members’ homes when they were recovering...

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