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Connecting During COVID: NFTY Convention 2021

Fletcher Block
Lynne Butner
The weekend was extraordinary. Teens shared that it was the best virtual experience they had this year - that it felt as close as it could get to an in-person experience. Many said that they felt a new connection to NFTY.

Announcing NFTYx: A Space for Teens to Create

Fletcher Block
Michelle Shapiro Abraham, MAJE, RJE
For NFTY teen leaders and staff, this summer has been all about brainstorming, strategizing, and planning for the future of NFTY. We are thrilled to announce the launch of NFTYx, a space where teens can turn their ideas into experiences for others.

Let My People Go…to Camp

Aaron Selkow

The uncertainty we’re dealing with each day has us concerned about our ability to even make camp happen. We’re determined, we’re dynamic, and we’re clever – but if we’re being completely honest, we just really don’t know yet.

Counting, Questioning and Creating

Barrett Harr

The themes of searching, accepting, believing, and more are just a few of the concepts from the holidays (and that teens are often wrestling with in their lives) that are present in our texts during the hagim. How can we use these themes to deepen experiences for our teens during the High Holy Days as well as throughout the rest of the year?

How Do We Teach the Full Story of Israel?

When it comes to teaching our youth about Israel, how do we foster both a deep love and a nuanced understanding of the issues at the same time? How and when do we teach a view of Israel to our children that embraces her beauty and history, her challenges and shortcomings? How do we equip our youth to learn, to enquire, and to develop their own informed understanding of her complexities? How do we teach the full story while fostering a love for our homeland?

Israel Education Demands Putting the Learner at the Center

Lori Sagarin

How do we teach the full story while fostering a love for our homeland? The Israel I grew up with – the Israel of the 6-Day war, the Israel of the Munich massacre, of Entebbe and the 1977 European Basketball championship – is not the Israel that resonates with young people today. Today’s youth are not as willing to take on Israel “hook, line and sinker” the way many of my generation did. They have easy access to information, form their own opinions, and want to be heard. They demand discourse, diversity and accountability.