Join Us In Creating a More Perfect World in 5777

October 5, 2016Rabbi Rick Jacobs

On Rosh HaShanah, the gates are opened. As we spend these days considering how we can make the world better, we ask: how can we better ourselves in our most personal interactions and how can we take responsibility for repairing the world?

Will you join us in creating a more just, whole, and compassionate world? Your gift makes an important statement and a vital difference to our sacred work.

Now, at this critical time in our fractured world, may we, together, provide a beacon of meaning through the cycles of our lives.

Join us in working toward that more perfect world.

The URJ wishes you and your family Shanah Tovah – a good year. Thank you for continuing your generous support as we enter 5777.

May you and your loved ones be inscribed for blessings and hope.

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