Judaism Under Quarantine: Helpful Content to Share with Congregants Right Now

March 17, 2020Kate Bigam Kaput

As the spread of coronavirus (COVID-19) continues, we’re all adjusting to new realities. Our URJ staffers are working hard to chart new courses of action during these uncertain times, creating opportunities and venues for continue to create the transformative connections that are at the core of our Reform Jewish Movement.

As we round up resources of critical help to congregations, we're also creating content for our educational website, ReformJudaism.org, to help members of our community find new ways to "do Jewish" from home. From Torah study to Shabbat ideas, family discussion guides to favorite Jewish Netflix shows, this content is designed to help your congregants stay busy and Jewishly engaged.

Bookmark this list and check back frequently, as we'll continue to update it as new resources become available. Looking for something not listed here? Head to the Communications group in The Tent to let us know

Help your members stay engaged with their Judaism from home by sharing helpful, relevant, and interesting Jewish content on your social media channels, congregational website, email communications, and more. Here's a list to get you started. 

Jewish Wisdom in Times of Crisis

During a time of fear and uncertainty, the following pieces can help members of our community think about the current situation through a Jewish lens.


As most congregations turn to the online streaming of Shabbat services and other programming, now is the time to provide your community with helpful resources about Shabbat home observance. When you share information about your upcoming livestreams, consider, too, including our Shabbat page and/or the following resources:

Torah Study

Observing Shabbat from the home provides individuals with the opportunity to study Torah on their own and to engage in thought-provoking at-home discussions with their families about Torah. Share our main Torah Study page, which includes the weekly parashiyot, commentaries, voice recordings, and more.

Consider the following, as well: 

To recieve new content related to each week's Torah portion, subscribe to the Monday edition of Ten Minutes of Torah, which delivers a new d'var Torah and davar acher to your inbox at the top of each week. 



As your leadership strives to provide spiritual guidance and reassurance to your community, we've gathered an ongoing list of prayers, poems, and other resources to keep your congregants fortified. Prayer Amid Pandemic: Words of Comfort for the COVID-19 Crisis is being regularly updated as new liturgy becomes available. 

Families with Young Children

With schools and child care centers closed, many parents now find themselves at home with young children, day in and day out, and in search of ways to keep them both entertained and educated.

Our Parenting page includes countless resources, videos, crafts, activity ideas, and more to help fill the time in meaningful and Jewishly engaging ways, and our Jewish Family Life page is a one-stop location for recipes, crafts, videos, articles, and holiday traditions.

Food and Recipes

During this time of social isolation and physical distancing, cooking and baking can serve as a welcome and calming distraction – even for those who don't typically do so. Share our main Food and Recipes page, browse our vast collection of Jewish recipes, or share one of these themed roundups.

Art and Culture

With so much time to spend at home, everyone is looking for shows to watch, books to read, new hobbies to try, etc. We're doing our best to create and adapt content that will help members of our community stay busy, pass the time, and remain Jewishly engaged, all at once. 


TV and Movies:

Music and Podcasts:


Social Justice

With some communities more susceptible to health and economic shocks, the Reform Movement is calling upon Congress to ensure that the most vulnerable members of our communities have, at the very least, affordable and quality health care, paid sick days, and support to provide nutrition and shelter for themselves and their families throughout this emergency.

This list will continue to be updated as new resources become available. Follow ReformJudaism.org on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, and subscribe to our newsletters to recieve additional content updates by email. For additional resources for congregations, see "How Reform Congregations are Coping with COVID-19 (and Tools to Help)."
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