A New Year, A New Tent

September 7, 2023Larry Glickman, FTA

Since 2013, the URJ has hosted The Tent as a place where congregational lay and professional leaders connect, network, and share great information and creative ideas. Tens of thousands of leaders have participated in The Tent as they strengthened their communities and their congregations.

Recognizing that expectations around technology and connection have changed through the years, we have made the decision to move The Tent to a new platform called Mighty Networks, and we think that you will enjoy the new user experience and opportunities to connect and learn together.

We recognize that this represents a big change for anyone who has been using The Tent these past 10 years, so we will do our best to answer any questions you may have.

How can I set up my new account?
Using your computer, go to thetent.urj.org. Click the "Request to Join" button, answer a few questions when prompted, and you will be all set.

Is there a mobile app?
As you activate your Mighty Networks account, you will be prompted to download the Mighty Networks mobile app for easier access to The Tent.

How do I find my old Tent groups? 
We took the opportunity of this move to reimagine our group conversation structure to be more closely aligned with the strategic work of the Reform Movement, focusing on Community, Gathering, Leadership, and Management.  You will find some of the same groups in the new Tent, but not all of them. Hopefully, we have designed our new groups in a way that can still accommodate most questions you have, and any conversation you would like to begin. If there's something we've missed, please let us know!

What if I was in a private working Tent group?
Many congregations set up working groups in The Tent as a place for their board or committees. Unless requested in advance, those groups will not be in the new Tent at this time. However, once your account is activated, new spaces can be requested in The Tent and Mighty Networks space by filling out the new Space Request form.

Will I find all the previous conversations?
Though we are unable to carry all conversations over, we are memorializing select conversations in the new Tent. If there is a specific conversation you think deserves a place in our new Tent, please email us at marketplace@urj.org and let us know.

How can I learn how to use the new platform?
We think you will find Mighty Networks to be an intuitive platform that will be easy to learn and fun to use. If you need a little help, be sure to review the Tent "How To" Guides in The Tent and Mighty Networks space, or you can visit the Mighty Networks FAQ page.

Be sure to join us for our Tent Office Hours on Wednesday, October 18 th at 4:00 p.m. ET, when we will review features and functionality of The Tent and answer your questions. Please register for the office hours.

What will happen to the old Tent?
Though The Tent will still be open in Yammer for the immediate future, all activity will be moving to our new Tent in Mighty Networks, effective immediately. We anticipate fully closing The Tent in Yammer in 2024.

Please join us in our already active new Tent today.

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