Participate in the 2021 Study of Leaders in American Jewish Life Today

April 1, 2021URJ Staff

The URJ is pleased to invite congregational leaders to participate in a new study of leaders in Jewish life today.

The study asks: Who are today's leaders, both lay and professional? How were they educated? And how did Jewish education play a role in making them the leaders they are today?

These are the central questions asked in this 2021 Jewish Leadership Study, sponsored by Keren Keshet, under the leadership of Mem Bernstein and Arthur Fried, who also led the Avi Chai Foundation for more than two decades.

Take the survey now.

The survey takes about eight minutes or less to complete, and all answers are confidential. Feel free to skip any question you prefer not to answer.

Should you have any questions or comments, please email Dr. Ezra Kopelowitz of Research Success Technologies.

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