Progressive Jews Stand with France

July 15, 2016Kate Bigam Kaput

Global Reform-affiliated organizations sent out the following statement in response to this week's terrorist attack in Nice, France:

This Shabbat, our 1,200 Reform, Progressive, and Liberal synagogues will pray for the safety of all the citizens of France, and for the healing of their nation. We send special Shabbat wishes to our Progressive congregations in France at this difficult time.  We pray for strength and fortitude for our communities across France, Europe and around the world.
May Shabbat and the days ahead usher in peace and a shared faith in all that is good.
Rabbi Daniel H. Freelander, President, World Union for Progressive Judaism
Carole Sterling, Chair, World Union for Progressive Judaism
Gordon Smith, President, European Union for Progressive Judaism
Miriam Kramer, European Union for Progressive Judaism
Stephane Beder, President de l'Assemblee du Judaisme Liberal

Rabbi Jonah Dov Pesner, director of the Religious Action Center of Reform Judaism (the advocacy arm of the Union for Reform Judaism) issued the following statement:                                                                                                                                

We join with the French people and all those affected in mourning the horrific loss of at least 84 people at a Bastille Day celebration in Nice. Our hearts break as another tragedy strikes in France, this time amidst the French people’s national holiday. What should have been a day of celebration and joy has been marred by an act of inexplicable violence.
We stand united with the people of Nice as they begin the process of healing and recovery, and we pray for comfort for the family and friends of the victims and those injured in this attack. In these challenging times, we know that we cannot let fear divide us. Our shared goals of peace and prosperity for all God’s children must be our guide. In the face of violence and terror, we must choose the path of peace and understanding, even as we grieve. For, only when we choose light over darkness, love over hate, can we repair the brokenness in our world.

Jerusalem-based liturgist Alden Solovy wrote a prayer for Nice, which was shared on

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