The Quadrant Method: A High Holiday Scenario-Planning Resource

May 15, 2020the URJ and Reform Movement partners

The URJ is pleased to be working with our Movement partners (including HUC-JIR, CCAR, ACC, NATA, ARJE, ECE-RJ, PEP-RJ, NFTY, and others) to offer the best collaborative thinking and the most comprehensive resources to guide your visioning and planning.

We recently hosted a webinar to discuss scenario planning for High Holidays 5781, and shared our newly launched Quadrant Method Scenario Planning tool. The process of scenario planning cuts through concerns of not knowing how uncontrollable factors will play out and allows you to see, based on different variables, how the outcome changes depending upon what actually happens. This removes the debate of which scenario will actually play out since there are no real answers in the short term. (For more information on scenario planning we recommend watching the URJ Guide to Budget Scenario Planning.)

In preparation for using this tool, we recommend that you first:

  • Watch the recording of the webinar
  • Determine the various stakeholders you should bring together to work on these scenarios. Think broadly about who might be helpful in thinking through the different variables.
  • Evaluate what is happening in your congregation, your congregants’ lives, and your local communities.

Download the tool now for instructions on how to use it and guidance to assist you along the way, then see "Preparing for the High Holidays in Challenging Times" for information about upcoming webinars and resources to help guide you.

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